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What is the meaning of paster in Hindi?

Meaning of paster in Hindi is :

Definition of word paster

  • One who, or that which, pastes. (noun)
  • A slip of paper, usually bearing a name, intended to be pasted by the voter, as a substitute, over another name on a printed ballot. (noun)

Examples of word paster

    • Lee, you are miss informed, the paster that you refer to was a paster from a town named Clinton, NY, and has nothing to do with Sen Clinton, and i will not say you said that on purpuse just to hurt Sen. Clinton..
    • Or the 10 ten reasons Hillary's former paster is on trial for child molestation and the media has not touched it.
    • The only wa tu keep them into a paster, is tu turn them into a medder jineing, and let them jump out.
    • Once complete is installed, simply call paster: paster create - t ` ` complete ` ` MyProject
    • I suppose the "paster" is what we would call a "pastor" in English, but how does he know that "everyone thinks it's cool" if it's the "first time they have done this"??


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