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What is the meaning of patience in Hindi?

Meaning of patience in Hindi is : सहनशीलता / धीरज / सब्र

Definition of word patience

  • The quality of being patient. (noun)
  • solitaire (card game). (noun)

Examples of word patience

    • "How long will the poor endure this religion -- this make-believe -- which preaches patience, _patience_! when it ought to be urging war?"
    • "You can't use the word patience in the city of Philadelphia, which I never used," Stefanski said before the game.
    • However, just when the patience is at the point of exhaustion, when one might leave the theater with a clear consience, the film comes to fitful life. ”
    • Less bitter than my patience is the taste of aloes-juice;
    • The congregation smiles at his use of the word patience, and some of us allow ourselves a small laugh.


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