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What is the meaning of patronise in Hindi?

Meaning of patronise in Hindi is : सहायता करना

Definition of word patronise

  • To make a patron (verb)
  • To treat as inferior unduly, talk down to, treat condescendingly. (verb)
  • To make oneself a regular customer of a business. (verb)

Examples of word patronise

  • The clergyman, the district visitor, the professional slummer -- all the people who "patronise" -- never learn the truth, and they positively invite the wastrel classes to lie.
  • Swarmed around to "patronise" him, was the toughest of tough jobs.
  • But somehow, it got whispered about that the King had attempted to 'patronise' the poet, and that the poet had very indignantly resented the offered Royal condescension.
  • Hopefully they will enforce strict penalties against the men who patronise strip clubs, and will throw bans against pornography and prostititution into the mix as well.
  • As to the film, all it does, says the reviewer, is patronise those cast as the lower classes.


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