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What is the meaning of paunch in Hindi?

Meaning of paunch in Hindi is : पेट

Definition of word paunch

  • The first stomach of a ruminant, the rumen. (noun)
  • The abdomen or belly of a human or animal, especially a large, protruding one. (noun)
  • A paunch mat. (noun)
  • To remove the internal organs of a ruminant, such as a hare or rabbit prior to eating. (verb)

Examples of word paunch

  • To quote the foreword in one of Luther's books, "his gorged paunch is puffed up with uncivil pride."
  • When the paunch is to be punctured, the animal must be stabbed with a knife (a penknife will do) midway between the haunch-bone and the last rib of the left side; and the opening should be prevented from closing, by the introduction of a tin tube or something of that kind, till the gases are dispelled.
  • And for a long time, I made the excuse that having a paunch was a sign of success, and, you know, I live a high life in the literary world; we all do.
  • The almost universal respect inspired by a beard or a paunch is a poor tribute to human discernment.
  • It has already been shown by the illustration, (p. 4,) that the paunch is the largest of the four cavities; but this is not the case with the stomach of the young calf, which, while it continues to suck, does not ruminate; in this case the _reed_, which is the true digestive cavity, is actually larger than the other three taken together.


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