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What is the meaning of peaceful in Hindi?

Meaning of peaceful in Hindi is : स्थिर

Definition of word peaceful

  • not at war or disturbed by strife or turmoil (adjective)
  • inclined to peace (adjective)
  • motionless and calm (adjective)

Examples of word peaceful

  • WHEN the French Communists were raising Cain in Europe they doubtless thought their idea was practically new, but thousands of years before they bore the red banner through the streets of Paris the American Indians were living quiet and peaceful communal lives on this continent; when I use the words _quiet_ and _peaceful_, I, of course, mean as regards their own particular commune and not taking into account their attitude toward their neighbors.
  • Egypt has been upended, and I smile at the phrase "peaceful mob" as an oxymoron; all mobs contain an element of spitefulness and personal score-settling.
  • It also presents a dilemma for the Dalai Lama, as Tibetan Buddhism doesn't permit suicide, and he doesn't condone violence in what he describes as a peaceful campaign for greater autonomy in his homeland.
  • The timing of Saturday's meeting was particularly sensitive as it came in the midst of the Chinese government's efforts to celebrate the 60th anniversary of what it calls the "peaceful liberation" of Tibet by Communist troops.
  • The former Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani, like most Iranian leaders, is standing firm on what they call their peaceful nuclear rights.


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