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What is the meaning of peel in Hindi?

Meaning of peel in Hindi is : विशल्कन

Definition of word peel

  • To plunder; to pillage, rob. (verb)
  • To remove the skin or outer covering of. (verb)
  • To remove from the outer or top layer of. (verb)
  • To become detached, come away, especially in flakes or strips; to shed skin in such a way. (verb)
  • To remove one's clothing. (verb)
  • To move, separate (off or away) (verb)
  • The skin or outer layer of a fruit, vegetable etc. (usually uncountable) (noun)
  • The action of peeling away from a formation. (noun)
  • A cosmetic preparation designed to remove dead skin or exfoliate. (noun)
  • A stake. (noun)
  • A fence made of stakes; a stockade. (noun)
  • A small tower, fort, or castle; a keep. (noun)
  • A shovel or similar instrument, now especially a pole with a flat disc at the end used for removing loaves of bread from a baker's oven. (noun)
  • A T-shaped implement used by printers and bookbinders for hanging wet sheets of paper on lines or poles to dry. (noun)
  • The blade of an oar. (noun)
  • An equal or match; a draw. (noun)
  • A takeout which removes a stone from play as well as the delivered stone. (noun)
  • To send through a hoop (of a ball other than one's own). (verb)
  • Common misspelling of peal: to sound loudly. (verb)

Examples of word peel

  • The thought of Beck slipping on a banana peel is making me laugh like crazy!
  • Just gut 'em, sprinkle with a little lemon pepper (on the inside) and place them on the coals ... turning a few times until done, the scales and skin peel right off, and they are very tasty.
  • You have these thin sheets of dough, which you have to peel from a stack, and then if the dough gets a little too sticky, you know, the sheets will break.
  • "A banana peel is household waste, not fly ash," said Havens.
  • Grated lemon peel is the essential ingredient that brings the dish together.


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