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What is the meaning of peeled in Hindi?

Meaning of peeled in Hindi is :

Definition of word peeled

  • With the outermost layer removed. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of peel. (verb)

Examples of word peeled

    • A vehicle search was conducted after Officer David Curley said he saw a prescription bottle with the label peeled off, containing three pills, inside the truck.
    • I imagined all of the typical scenarios; several sets of young hands passing around a homemade pipe or a gold bottle of prescription pills, the label peeled off and discarded.
    • And I also only eat apples with the skin peeled off!
    • Where the skin peeled back, black carbon fibre mesh showed through from beneath flesh veneer.
    • The idea for the debonding layer, says an ITRI spokeswoman, came from watching cooks prepare paper-thin Taiwanese pancakes, which can be easily peeled from a pan at high temperatures.
    • He was pulled behind a galloping horse with a noose around his neck until the skin peeled off, “like a rabbit ready for the skillet.”
    • The loot includes a manufacturer's label peeled from the aquarium in which Jeff Koons floated his famous basketballs in 1985.