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What is the meaning of peevish in Hindi?

Meaning of peevish in Hindi is : चिड़चिड़ा

Definition of word peevish

  • Constantly complaining; fretful, whining. (adjective)

Examples of word peevish

  • It even has its own pair of Watchmen-style deconstructed superheroes: Mermaid Man, shuffling in peevish slippers toward senility, and his long-suffering sidekick, Barnacle Boy.
  • The word peevish would pretty well describe the condition of Mrs. Alstine, who had a chronic ailment that prevented her enjoying the hospitality of friends.
  • His face was insignificant, his expression peevish, his features without the animation of any high purpose.
  • There is more poignant music in the Primavera, in the weary, indifferent countenances of his lean, neuropathic Madonnas -- Pater calls them "peevish" -- in his Venus of the
  • This question -- which Hohenfels called peevish as he buried himself in his book -- was not answered until we had passed Verviers, Chaudfontaine and Liège.


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