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What is the meaning of peevishness in Hindi?

Meaning of peevishness in Hindi is : चिड़चिड़ापन

Definition of word peevishness

  • The state of being peevish. (noun)

Examples of word peevishness

  • Note, We are apt to call reproofs reproaches, and to think ourselves mocked when we are but advised and admonished; this peevishness is our folly, and a great wrong to ourselves and to our friends.
  • Her peevishness was a ruse she employed to convince herself that she didn't like feeling his solid presence along her back, touching from shoulders to toes, nor the warm, damp gusts of his breath against her nape.
  • The cause of her peevishness was a swarm of intensely active flies.
  • There's a restlessness, a kind of peevishness, that bothers me.
  • That which St. Austin said of himself here in this place, I may truly say to thee, thou discontented wretch, thou covetous niggard, thou churl, thou ambitious and swelling toad, 'tis not want but peevishness which is the cause of thy woes; settle thine affection, thou hast enough.


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