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What is the meaning of pelican in Hindi?

Meaning of pelican in Hindi is : हवासील

Definition of word pelican

  • Any of various seabirds of the family Pelecanidae, having a long bill with a distendable pouch. (noun)
  • A native or resident of the American state of Louisiana. (noun)

Examples of word pelican

  • The pelican is a bit strange, but obviously it likes it there in Montana.
  • This is one of the reasons the pelican is the state bird the selfless nature to give herself for her children.
  • Turns out the white bird that looks like a pelican is a pelican.
  • He wondered why the pelican was the symbol of charity, except it was that it wanted
  • You will guess I mean the pelican, which is the badge of her authority as Lady directress of our assembly.


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