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What is the meaning of penalisation in Hindi?

Meaning of penalisation in Hindi is :

Definition of word penalisation

  • Alternative spelling of penalization. (noun)

Examples of word penalisation

  • We therefore urge you to intervene to stop this unfair penalisation of women and their children.
  • Why not divert efforts from Cool Biz into genuine systems of taxation and penalisation against the companies and industries that produce the most emmissions?
  • I also disagree that this is a penalisation of success.
  • This included reviewing the penalisation factors which determine when the Parole Board can consider an offender for parole, the rehabilitation and re-opening of prisons that were closed due to having fallen into a dilapidated state, enhancing the functioning of community corrections and improving rehabilitation programmes.
  • Mr O'Higgins added that to convict a person for an offence under the article was in effect double penalisation and would amount to the convicting an accused person twice for the same act.


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