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What is the meaning of penalization in Hindi?

Meaning of penalization in Hindi is :

Definition of word penalization

  • The act of punishing; punishment (noun)

Examples of word penalization

  • "Clearly there was a 'penalization' in our study, and that's reflected in the high periprocedural MACE rate.
  • One such person is Journalism professor Moraima Guanipa, who comments on Twitter that the bill is a [es] “new attempt to establish censorship and self-censorship through the penalization of journalistic work.”
  • The penalization of emigration, then, remains in place.
  • First, the carbon capping scheme punishes energy users – both commercial and private – by forcing the utility companies to immediately ramp up pricing to carry their businesses through the penalization phase that precedes the greening phase.
  • But it is notable that the penalization of this urban encroachment is not applied to everyone with the same severity.


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