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What is the meaning of pepper in Hindi?

Meaning of pepper in Hindi is : सख़्त सज़ा देना

Definition of word pepper

  • A plant of the family Piperaceae. (noun)
  • A spice prepared from the fermented, dried, unripe red berries of this plant. (noun)
  • A fruit of the capsicum: red, green, yellow or white, hollow and containing seeds, and in very spicy and mild varieties. (noun)
  • A game used by baseball players to warm up where fielders standing close to a batter rapidly return the batted ball to be hit again (noun)
  • To add pepper to. (verb)
  • To strike with something made up of small particles. (verb)
  • To be covered with lots of (something made up of small things). (verb)
  • To add (something) at frequent intervals. (verb)

Examples of word pepper

  • For the burgers• 1½ pounds fresh tuna steaks, cut into 1/2-inch dice• 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard• 1 tablespoon chipotle pepper in adobo purée• 1 tablespoon honey• 3 tablespoons canola oil• 2 green onions, green and pale-green part, thinly sliced• Salt and freshly ground pepper• 4 kaiser rolls• 2 ounces watercress• 1 red onion, peeled, halved and thinly sliced.
  • This native of India was probably the first pungent spice after mustard to be appreciated in Europe—the Greeks and Romans preferred it to black pepper—and it gave us our word pepper via its Sanskrit name pippali black pepper is marichi.
  • By many accounts, the name "pepper spray" is overly benign for a substance that can cause death and be used as a torture device.
  • When the sandwich hears the violin say the word "pepper," she glares at him fiercely.
  • I can find these in any supermarket here and the combo with the roasted pepper is fantastic: D


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