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What is the meaning of perceptible in Hindi?

Meaning of perceptible in Hindi is : स्पष्ट

Definition of word perceptible

  • Able to be perceived, sensed, or discerned. (adjective)

Examples of word perceptible

  • We are a profoundly egalitarian society, and the roots of this are perceptible from the very origins.
  • Some authors extend the notion of writing even further and call terminus scriptus “a term perceptible by senses other than haering” (terminus alio sensu quam auditu perceptibilis) (Peter Margallus, Log. utriusque scholia,
  • At first this was done in a manner so perceptible, that is to say, God penetrated us with Himself in a manner so pure and so sweet, that we passed hours in this profound silence, always communicative, without being able to utter one word.
  • And we have not seen any kind of perceptible change.
  • Then, all of a sudden rising from her chair, she went over to the jug of roses, which she had placed on the writing-table, bent over the flowers with a kind of perceptible hesitation. and as suddenly came back to her seat.
  • This is what we all admit in practice; the smallest of our acts implies the belief in something perceptible which is wider and more durable than our astonished perceptions.
  • This is why it is not right to say that pleasure is perceptible process, but it should rather be called activity of the natural state, and instead of 'perceptible' 'unimpeded'.
  • Enclosed is Scottie’s little story—she had just read Gertrude Stein’s Melanctha on my recommendation and the influence is what you might call perceptible.