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What is the meaning of perdu in Hindi?

Meaning of perdu in Hindi is : प्रच्छन्न

Definition of word perdu

  • Hidden. (adjective)
  • One placed on watch, or in ambush. (noun)

Examples of word perdu

    • What a pleasant morning's work it would be to unearth this gem from its dark corner, where it has lain perdu so many years!
    • Of course Walter meant "perdu" -- lost -- but his French is awfully risqué.
    • M.] 133 A la terre perdue, tout fut perdu, is the vigorous expression of the Assise, (c.
    • If you enter by the railway from Paris, from Havre, from Dieppe or from Fécamp, it is by subterranean tunnels only that approach is possible, and up a flight of steps that you make your first acquaintance with a "coin perdu" of the town, a corner without character, without size, without the least promise of the beauty that is hidden further off.
    • Hearing, he said, that she was to be pursued, he took horse and galloped all night on the road toward Schloss Sonnenberg, whither, as it had been whispered to him, she was flying, in order to counsel her to lie 'perdu' for a short space, and subsequently to conduct her to the schloss of the amiable duchess.
    • Étude sur le deuil animalier: Si vous avez perdu votre animal de compagnie nous vous invitons à participer à une étude sur l'impact du deuil.
    • We caught a glimpse of the banana pain perdu early on at a neighboring table, which peaked our interest, and we weren't disappointed.