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What is the meaning of perfect in Hindi?

Meaning of perfect in Hindi is : ही

Definition of word perfect

Examples of word perfect

  • The chain also sells what it calls Perfect Cut molding, which has a two-sided profile that lets the weekend carpenter make just one cut, then turn the strip over and have two perfectly matched pieces, thus halving the chance of messing up.
  • "What's so funny is that when I got the manuscript back from my American publisher, the editor had put a big tick in the margin and written the word 'Perfect,' " Ms. Johnson said of her winning entry.
  • "Perfect" is used not of absolute perfection, but relatively to "babes," or those less ripe in Christian growth (compare Php 3: 12, 15, with 1Jo 2: 12-14).
  • I rationalized that for $4 each, I could stand to wear pants I didn’t think were worthy of the title Perfect Pants but that were nonetheless acceptable.
  • Word Perfect is so much easier to use, and it makes much more sense.