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What is the meaning of peril in Hindi?

Meaning of peril in Hindi is : संकट

Definition of word peril

  • A situation of serious and immediate danger. (noun)
  • Something that causes, contains, or presents danger. (noun)

Examples of word peril

    • American dream, in peril, is successfully pursued through state programs
    • When the peril is the criminal act of a third person, the argument continues, the duty of a landowner ... does not include the business visitor on residential premises among the special relationships imposing a duty to exercise care to protect against harm from others ....
    • But, defendant asserts, that duty exists only if the peril is a condition of the property.
    • The reality of this peril is apparent in the failure of the United States and Russia, until now, to ratify either the START 2 agreement or the Chemical
    • Today this peril is avoided with relative ease by removing the tumor.


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