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What is the meaning of period in Hindi?

Meaning of period in Hindi is : समयावधि

Definition of word period

Examples of word period

  • The X axis is essentially a percentage gain / loss on the previous year with the Y axis being the time period (Period 1 is March 2008 and Period 12 is March
  • The term Period, when strictly used, designates a compound sentence in which the subordinate clauses are inserted within the main clause; as, --
  • One of the best things about Question Period is that if you want to know if the government is functioning reasonably well, watching it for a while can tell you most of what you need to know.
  • He's even said his passion is in Period pieces and you can definitely see it in Rocketeer and october sky.
  • Glacial Period is a delightfully imaginative, even loopy look at art.
  • But the 'Medieval Warm Period' is being discarded as 'anecdotal' because strict temperature data are unavailable.
  • Climate alarmists have been attempting to erase the inconvenient Medieval Warm Period from the Earth's climate history for at least a decade.