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What is the meaning of perky in Hindi?

Meaning of perky in Hindi is : फ़ुर्तीला

Definition of word perky

  • Lively or enthusiastic. (adjective)
  • Standing upright; firm. (adjective)

Examples of word perky

    • A lot of them weren’t: older and heavier, they had substantial thighs; big, squishy rear ends; generous breasts to which the word perky would never be applied.
    • Through two bouts with the disease, a double mastectomy, and a TRAM flap reconstruction, she has blogged about everything from breast nicknames (she dubbed her perky reconstructed duo "Barbie breasts" because they have no nipples) to tricks for keeping cancer anxiety from rubbing off on your kids.
    • First Impression: Jaime is described as perky and brave, but that doesn’t mean she’s wild.
    • JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): First, we couldn ` t stop calling her perky, and now we ` re perking up our ears because Katie Couric supposedly slapped someone?
    • I'm still not what you'd call perky, but now there's a sense of the ridiculous in my sublime despondency.


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