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What is the meaning of perorate in Hindi?

Meaning of perorate in Hindi is : लम्बा भाषण देना

Definition of word perorate

  • To speak or declaim at great length, especially in a pompous or grandiloquent manner; to harangue. (verb)
  • To make a peroration; to make a formal recapitulation at the end of a speech. (verb)

Examples of word perorate

    • This means there's a link between me and Richard Brinsley Sheridan and it's that both of us can perorate entertainingly on public issues at undue length.
    • We have seen legislators perorate, obfuscate, concilliate, mediate ....
    • Canalis, like many men accustomed to perorate, allowed to be too plainly seen.
    • You think it no evil to inflame a poor heart, and you perorate as warmly in your deliriums of love as the wretched lawyer who comes with red eyes from a suit he has lost.
    • And church and state pause in this made vortex of chaos to prate of the ills of pugilism; to legislate and perorate anent bloodless boxing bouts; to prosecute a brace of harmless pugs.


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