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What is the meaning of perplex in Hindi?

Meaning of perplex in Hindi is : हैरान करना

Definition of word perplex

  • To cause to feel baffled; to puzzle. (verb)
  • intricate; difficult (adjective)

Examples of word perplex

  • Thus, our "unfinished feeling" represents in itself an obscure demand for a resolution of the unadjusted; it corresponds to that inner compulsion which operates upon the imperfect consciousness of the dreamer, or upon the mentality of any person seeking the solution of a problem or "perplex," either asleep, or awake -- as I trust you all still remain.
  • The resulting image is compelling, perplex and idiosyncratic; a pagan Catholic Cirque du Soleil.
  • It would be useless and unkind to perplex you with my literary troubles.
  • What I am going to write I know will only perplex you, and yet I must of course tell you.
  • Despite its prevalence, the condition still seems to perplex many people.


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