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What is the meaning of person in Hindi?

Meaning of person in Hindi is : ���नुष्य

Definition of word person

Examples of word person

  • The Mishnah (Nedarim 4: 3) says that although person A vows not to derive benefit from person B, Person B may still “teach Scripture to the sons and daughters” of person A.
  • “In case any person prove heterodox, and scruples using the words Trinity and Person, we believe not that this can be a reason for rejecting him; we should support him without driving him from the Church, and without exposing him to any censure as a heretic.”
  • How to they solve problems where two people might have entered the same person, but with slightly different data, for example Person A enters a great-great-great-grandfather called Bob Hudson, who died April 2, 1823, and Person B enters a great-great-great-grandfather called Robert Hudson, who died 1823 (but no date).
  • Page 413 any articles, at any store or of any person, without first obtaining a permit in writing to do so from their Parents or Guardians, or from the Principal of the Academy, or the Principal of the Female Department, or from such Person as shall by their Parents or Guardians be authorised to have charge of their conduct and expences -- which permit shall specify the articles to be purchased.
  • But the cult that is due to a person is due in like manner to the whole nature of that Person and to all its parts.


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