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What is the meaning of perverted in Hindi?

Meaning of perverted in Hindi is : सन्मार्ग से हटाना

Definition of word perverted

  • deviating from what is normally considered right, normal or correct (adjective)
  • of, relating to, or practicing unusual or "kinky" sex (adjective)
  • misrepresented, altered or distorted (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of pervert. (verb)

Examples of word perverted

  • Even in those instances where, for convenience 'sake, the term perverted development has been used, it must be understood as applying only to the particular plant or organ under consideration, as the form assumed is perfectly in accordance with the ordinary conformation of some other plant or group of plants.
  • Sarah Palin's very public battle with David Letterman over what she called a perverted joke about her daughter.
  • Will it remain perverted forever by what it†™ s become, or will the truth ring free and clear and the legend of the Crusader be born anew?
  • The parent/child dynamic and the means by which it can perverted is also pretty consistent and even clever at times.
  • After the high souled Malthus, came the Neo-Malthusians, who, although they retained the name perverted the teaching of this great demographist, and some Socialist writers of high repute still advocate the systematic instruction of the poor in Neo-Malthusian practices.


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