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What is the meaning of petty in Hindi?

Meaning of petty in Hindi is : संकीर्ण

Definition of word petty

Examples of word petty

  • Comic relief: It was at the gathering where we watched the concert DVD that another of my friends observed, “Tom Petty is really starting to look like Klaus Kinski.”
  • Petty is my middle name EK New - petty-mania .. (shouldn't have started that) 8: 24 PM david cameron's forehead said ...
  • Either way, Tom Petty is awesome and I would gladly trade anything about Bob Dylan for anything about Tom Petty.
  • As an actress and artist as well, Petty is truly a jack of all trades with enlightening designer also under her thumb.
  • They arrived in Petty Harbour in 1784, where their first child, Michael, was born, and they moved on to Cape Broyle the following year.


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