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What is the meaning of petty in Hindi?

Meaning of petty in Hindi is : संकीर्ण

Definition of word petty

  • Little, small, secondary in rank or importance. (adjective)
  • Insignificant, trifling, or inconsiderable. (adjective)
  • Narrow-minded, small-minded. (adjective)

Examples of word petty

  • Which of us, in fact, has the force of character to be superior to petty vanity, to _petty fine feelings_, sympathy and self-reproach? ...
  • As Democratic presidential frontrunners Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton got personal in last night's debate, John Edwards said he tried to stay away from what he called petty bickering.
  • HENRY: The clarification came after Maliki lashed out at what he called petty politics from the American administration.
  • SHEINDLIN: Yes oh, yes, child is bitten by a dog, the child -- sometimes children get involved in -- what I call petty crime vandalism, and the neighbor will sue the parents to replace the property that the children destroyed.
  • Baqwa said every individual was capable of casting aside what he called petty differences and to help rid the country of lawlessness and violence.


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