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What is the meaning of pharmaceutical in Hindi?

Meaning of pharmaceutical in Hindi is : भेषजीय

Definition of word pharmaceutical

  • of, or relating to pharmacy or pharmacists. (adjective)
  • A pharmaceutical or pharmacological preparation or product; a drug. (noun)

Examples of word pharmaceutical

  • As a general rule, once a pharmaceutical is approved for use in any European or North American country, it is made available in Mexico.
  • "Why, I believe he's what we call a pharmaceutical entrepreneur," Jackie said, raising one eyebrow.
  • Does Masten honestly believe that without the FDA we would be twenty years or so further on in pharmaceutical development?
  • While the 1986 Vaccine Injury Act bars state tort lawsuits alleging defective design, two other kinds of lawsuits go forward all the time in pharmaceutical industry product liability cases.
  • Moreover, according to recently released 2008 personal finance disclosures, Kyl invests heavily in pharmaceutical companies.


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