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What is the meaning of pheasant in Hindi?

Meaning of pheasant in Hindi is : महूका

Definition of word pheasant

  • A bird of family Phasianidae, often hunted for food. (noun)

Examples of word pheasant

  • However, if the pheasant is within 25 yards and is in the middle of the pattern, even #8's can be effective.
  • I had to pay something over three solid sovereigns for them, as in those days such things were dear, which showed me that I was not going to get my lesson in English pheasant shooting for nothing.
  • Making a play on the word pheasant doesn't make you Oscar Bloody Wilde.
  • The same powers continually tend to overshadow the face of the country with thick forests; the timber of the hills, and the flax of the plains, contribute to the abundance of naval stores; the wild and tame animals, the horse, the ox, and the hog, are remarkably prolific, and the name of the pheasant is expressive of his native habitation on the banks of the
  • Familiarly known as a pheasant, and having one feature at least in common with the family, it makes no claim to direct relationship.


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