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What is the meaning of philosopher in Hindi?

Meaning of philosopher in Hindi is : प्राज्ञ

Definition of word philosopher

  • A person devoted to studying and producing results in philosophy. (noun)

Examples of word philosopher

  • As to the term philosopher's stone, he alleged that it was a mere figure, to deceive the vulgar.
  • We have loitered long with Yehuda Halevi, and still not long enough, for we have not yet spoken of his claims to the title philosopher, won for him by his book _Al-Chazari_.
  • But I do believe that he will be the personification of what I call the philosopher king.
  • If they are, they possess a virtue which produces, in some measure at all events, all those effects which the alchemist usually ascribes to what he calls the philosopher's stone; and if their content does not bring riches, it banishes the desire for them.
  • And this is what they call a philosopher in France!


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