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What is the meaning of phrase in Hindi?

Meaning of phrase in Hindi is : स्थाय

Definition of word phrase

Examples of word phrase

  • (I have always said that the national motto should be changed from "E Pluribus Unum" to the Latin Phrase for "Money Talks.")
  • See the section labeled “Document Annotation for Improved Ranking” in Phrase-based indexing in an information retrieval system.
  • A group at the University of Essex put together an entertaining new Web game called Phrase Detectives to help develop new materials for cutting-edge research into this basic problem of language.
  • [Sidenote: Eloquucion] _Eloquucion_, which the Greekes call Phrase, whereof also the name of eloquence dothe ryse, as of al partes it is the goodlyest, so also is it the most profitable and hardeste: in the whyche is seene that diuine myghte and vertue of an oratoure, whych as Cicero in hys oratorie particions defineth, is nothyng else but wisedom speakyng eloquently.
  • A Phrase is a short expression like, in vain, in fine, in short, to be sure, &c.


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