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What is the meaning of phraseology in Hindi?

Meaning of phraseology in Hindi is : शब्द विन्यास

Definition of word phraseology

  • study of set or fixed expressions (noun)
  • the style in which words and phrases are used in writing or speech (noun)
  • a group of specialized words and expressions used by a particular group (noun)
  • a collection of phrases; a phrasebook (noun)

Examples of word phraseology

  • These examples suggest that the phraseology is most common with the verb know – forming what amounts to a fixed expression.
  • Interesting phraseology from the Republican Leader!
  • Such phraseology is needed if one wants to name things without calling up mental pictures of them.
  • That phraseology is flat-out a class argument based on a class theory that has been grafted onto the Constitution during the 20th century.
  • The Etymology and the sourcing of all the words and phraseology is from the world over, and it is this universality which makes for the Numero Uno status that the language enjoys.


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