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What is the meaning of physic in Hindi?

Meaning of physic in Hindi is : विरेचक

Definition of word physic

  • Relating to or concerning existent materials; physical. (adjective)
  • A medicine or drug, especially a cathartic or purgative. (noun)
  • The art or profession of healing disease; medicine. (noun)
  • To cure or heal; to treat or administer medicine, especially to purge. (verb)

Examples of word physic

  • Skill in physic is a useful accomplishment in a minister and may be improved to more extensive usefulness and greater esteem among
  • _Douwa min, ând Sultana Ingleeza_, ( "physic from the English Sultana",) is a sort of royal talisman which helps the medicine down as a bit of sugar taken with a child's draught.
  • It was not done by any might of their own, any skill they had in physic or surgery, nor any virtue in their word: the power they did it by was wholly derived from Christ.
  • A year’s additional training, carrying the bachelor’s degree, was offered to students who, having demonstrated a competent knowledge of Latin, mathematics, natural and experimental philosophy, and having served a sufficient apprenticeship to some reputable practitioner in physic, now completed a prescribed lecture curriculum, with attendance upon the practice of the Pennsylvania Hospital for one year.
  • Shortly I popped into the Chelsea Mansion -- once the temporary home of Courtney Love and a luxury rental at $20,000 a month -- to visit Roxanne Usleman Hulderman, their resident on-call physic to ask, "What awaits fashions future," figuring this was just as effective as watching Ben Bernanke rattle on CNN.


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