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What is the meaning of physical in Hindi?

Meaning of physical in Hindi is : स्थूल

Definition of word physical

  • Having to do with the body. (adjective)
  • Having to do with the material world. (adjective)
  • Involving bodily force. (adjective)
  • Having to do with physics. (adjective)
  • Physical examination. (noun)

Examples of word physical

  • The physical instrument of his mind (his brain), and also certain associated sets of muscles, must be sufficiently exercised in the _action_ of courage to build up within him the _physical structure_ of fearlessness that will be instantly responsive to a _mental attitude_ of bravery.
  • In the following cases: physical defect in the married parties, desertion without communication for five years, Â’ he said, crooking a short finger covered with hair, ‘adulteryÂ’ (this word he pronounced with obvious satisfaction), ‘subdivided as followsÂ’ (he continued to crook his fat fingers, though the three cases and their subdivisions could obviously not be classified together): ‘physical defect of the husband or of the wife, adultery of the husband or of the wife.
  • A third difficulty is this: The bird-metaphor is physical, but we see on reflection that in the _physical_ world there is no real compounding.
  • For when morals are described as a mere physical science, founded on man's organization, his interests and passions, -- when the treatise, according to its _second_ title, is professedly an attempt to expound the _physical principles of morals_, -- and when, in pursuance of this plan, all the principles of
  • Unless, therefore, a thing can exhibit properties which do not belong to it, the very admission that living matter exhibits physical properties, includes the further admission, that those _physical_ or dead properties are themselves vital in essence, really _distinct_ but in appearance only _different_; or in absolute contrast with each other.