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What is the meaning of pill in Hindi?

Meaning of pill in Hindi is : मूसना

Definition of word pill

  • A small, usually cylindrical object designed for easy swallowing, usually containing some sort of medication. (noun)
  • Contraceptive medication, usually in the form of a pill. (noun)
  • A comical or entertaining person. (noun)
  • A contemptible, annoying, or unpleasant person. (noun)
  • A small piece of any substance, for example a ball of fibres formed on the surface of a textile by rubbing. (noun)
  • A baseball. (noun)
  • (informal) a bullet (projectile) (noun)
  • Of a woven fabric surface, to form small matted balls of fiber. (verb)
  • To form into the shape of a pill. (verb)
  • To medicate with pills. (verb)
  • An inlet on the coast; a small tidal pool or bay. (noun)
  • To peel; to remove the outer layer of hair, skin, or bark. (verb)
  • To pillage; to despoil or impoverish. (verb)

Examples of word pill

  • The half-life of a melatonin pill is short and it doesn't last long; a patch, on the other hand, can deliver small doses throughout its use to keep the levels in the body consistent for a longer, stronger effect.
  • Chest deep into an addiction to the title pill, Stephen Elliott struggles to write and struggles to maintain a fulfilling relationship.
  • Also Randy Alcorn, a well-known pro-life apologist and Protestant pastor, published a booklet in 1998 in which he gave the reasons for why the pill is an abortifacient and he has actually counselled couples in his ministry against using the pill for that reason.
  • If you are like me missing a pill is a dramatic event just because you missed it.
  • However, down here, when I get a pill at double strength the price of the pill is usually almost doubled, therefore diminishing the benefits thereof.


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