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What is the meaning of pillar in Hindi?

Meaning of pillar in Hindi is : स्थूण

Definition of word pillar

Examples of word pillar

  • *** Pompeys Pillar is one of the most famous sandstone buttes in America.
  • Will there be a change to the treaties (through an IGC etc etc) and the Commission's role as the sole initiator of legislation within Pillar I will be changed?
  • "Pillar" is so used metaphorically of the three apostles on whom principally the Jewish Christian Church depended (Ga
  • And as the story opens with the travelers assembling at the Languedocian port of Sète, Verne makes a point of his protagonists killing time by visiting the chalk hill known as the Pillar of Saint-Clair.
  • The latter post is entitled The Pillar and Ground of Truth, and is already garnering an impressive number of comments.


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