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What is the meaning of pious in Hindi?

Meaning of pious in Hindi is : सन्त

Definition of word pious

  • Of or pertaining to piety, exhibiting piety, devout, godfearing. (adjective)

Examples of word pious

  • The word pious fits because Republicans really do worship the top 1 percent and the Wall Street tycoons like Romney who manipulate money but don't actually build anything or create net new jobs.
  • Secondly, it is a good example of what I call the pious palimpsest.
  • If you type in the word 'pious' in Google it now comes up 'pious baloney.'
  • -- At last, my mother could no longer bear to see me perplex and vex myself in my fruitless search for the letter, and confessed that while we were talking the preceding day, finding that no arguments or persuasions of hers had had any effect, she had determined on what she called a pious fraud: so, while
  • Martita kneeled on the front row with her hands pressed together in pious prayer-like fashion.


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