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What is the meaning of pipe in Hindi?

Meaning of pipe in Hindi is : सीटी बजाना

Definition of word pipe

  • A rigid tube that transports water, steam, or other fluid, as used in plumbing and numerous other applications. (noun)
  • A hollow stem with bowl at one end used for smoking, especially a tobacco pipe but also including various other forms such as a water pipe. (noun)
  • A vertical conduit through the Earth's crust below a volcano, through which magma has passed; often filled with volcanic breccia (noun)
  • A type of pasta, similar to macaroni (noun)
  • Decorative edging stitched to the hems or seams of an object made of fabric (clothing, hats, pillows, curtains, etc.); often a contrasting color (noun)
  • A hollow tube used to produce sound, such as an organ pipe. (noun)
  • A wind instrument making a whistling sound. (see pan pipes, bagpipe, boatswain's pipe) (noun)
  • One of the goalposts of the goal. (noun)
  • The character | (noun)
  • A mechanism that enables one program to communicate with another by sending its output to the other as input. (noun)
  • A data backbone, or broadband Internet access. (noun)
  • An English measure of capacity for liquids, containing 126 wine gallons; half a tun. (noun)
  • An anonymous satire or essay, insulting and frequently libelous, written on a piece of paper and left somewhere public where it could be found and thus spread, to embarrass the author's enemies. (noun)
  • A man's penis (noun)
  • To convey or transport (something) by means of pipes. (verb)
  • To install or configure with pipes. (verb)
  • To play music on a pipe instrument, such as a bagpipe. (verb)
  • To signal or order by a note pattern on a bosun's pipe. (verb)
  • To lead or conduct as if by pipes, especially by wired transmission. (verb)
  • To decorate with piping. (verb)
  • To dab away moisture from. (verb)
  • To shout loudly and at high pitch. (verb)
  • To directly feed (the output of one program) as input to another program, indicated by the pipe character at the command line. (verb)

Examples of word pipe

  • The round pipe, or _the pipe_, as it seems, _par excellence_, to be termed by English drainers, though one of the latest, if not the last form of tiles introduced in England, has become altogether the most popular among scientific men, and is generally used in all works conducted under the charge of the Land
  • With respect to your initial reader's implementation while read line < $pipe it seems to be a valid piece (meaning the redirection is pertinent to the "read", now the while loop; where the pipe would have been opened once.)
  • Says Jeff Blumenfeld, editor of Expedition News, "An-Tiki has given new meaning to the term 'pipe dream.'"
  • My first one in the pipe is a no. 4, followed by 2 no. 5's.
  • That is, you provide what we call the pipe, broadband, but now for those who use it want to get it for either free or at a very low price?


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