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What is the meaning of piquancy in Hindi?

Meaning of piquancy in Hindi is : तीक्ष्णता

Definition of word piquancy

  • The degree to which something is piquant, stimulating or exciting. (noun)

Examples of word piquancy

  • The scale used to measure chile pepper piquancy is called the Scoville scale.
  • But what this sauce lacked in piquancy, it made up for it in creamy comfort and a taste so smooth I’d always order an extra bowl on the side.
  • ¹ Scoville Heat Unit, a system of measurement for establishing the "piquancy" of a chili pepper.
  • My mother, a teacher for nearly twenty years, liked the picture but missed the "piquancy" of the novel.
  • It is true that the curly-leaved endive is at times to be obtained here, but it is extensively cultivated in England, as it is very crisp and tender, while it also possesses a piquancy which is greatly appreciated.


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