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What is the meaning of pitch in Hindi?

Meaning of pitch in Hindi is : फ़ेंकना

Definition of word pitch

  • A sticky, gummy substance secreted by trees; sap. (noun)
  • A dark, extremely viscous material remaining in still after distilling crude oil and tar. (noun)
  • The act of pitching a baseball. (noun)
  • The field on which cricket, soccer, rugby or field hockey is played. (noun)
  • An effort to sell or promote something. (noun)
  • The distance between evenly spaced objects, e.g. the teeth of a saw, the turns of a screw thread, or letters in a monospace font. (noun)
  • The angle at which an object sits. (noun)
  • More specifically, the rotation angle about the transverse axis. (noun)
  • A level or degree. (noun)
  • A measure of the degree to which an aircraft's nose tilts up or down. (noun)
  • A measure of the angle of attack of a propeller. (noun)
  • The measure of extent to which a nautical vessel rotates on its athwartships axis, causing its bow and stern to go up and down. Compare with roll, yaw and heave. (noun)
  • The place where a busker performs. (noun)
  • An area in a market (or similar) allocated to a particular trader. (noun)
  • An intensity. (noun)
  • A section of a climb or rock face; specifically, the climbing distance between belays or stances. (noun)
  • A vertical cave passage, only negotiable by using rope or ladders. (noun)
  • A person or animal's height. (noun)
  • To throw. (verb)
  • To throw (the ball) toward home plate. (verb)
  • To play baseball in the position of pitcher. (verb)
  • To throw away; discard. (verb)
  • To promote, advertise, or attempt to sell. (verb)
  • To deliver in a certain tone or style, or with a certain audience in mind. (verb)
  • To assemble or erect (a tent). (verb)
  • To move so that the front of an aircraft or ship goes alternatively up and down. (verb)
  • To play a short, high, lofty shot that lands with backspin. (verb)
  • To bounce on the playing surface. (verb)
  • To settle and build up, without melting. (verb)
  • The perceived frequency of a sound or note. (noun)
  • In an a cappella group, the singer responsible for singing a note for the other members to tune themselves by. (noun)
  • To produce a note of a given pitch. (verb)

Examples of word pitch

  • -- To illustrate: If a gear has 40 teeth, and the pitch diameter of the wheel is 4 inches, there are 10 teeth to each inch of the pitch diameter, and the gear is then 10 _diametral pitch_.
  • When two gears of equal size mesh together, the pitch line, or the _pitch circle_, as it is also called, is exactly midway between the centers of the two wheels.
  • The king he is hunting the deer; I am coursing myself: they have pitched a toil; I am toiling in a pitch, —pitch that defiles: defile!
  • The Indians hollow the red elms into canoesi fome of which made out of one spiece will contain twenty perfons; others are made of the bark; the different pieces of which they few together with the inner rind, and daub over the feams with pitch or rather a bituminous matter refem - bling pitch» to prevent their leaking; the ribs of thefs canoes are made of boughs of trees.
  • The term pitch count was still a century from being fashionable when Charles Howard Hinton was whiling away afternoons watching the Princeton baseball team.


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