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What is the meaning of plain in Hindi?

Meaning of plain in Hindi is : स्वीच

Definition of word plain

  • Simply (adverb)
  • An expanse of land with relatively low relief. (noun)
  • A plane. (noun)
  • To plane or level; to make plain or even on the surface. (verb)
  • To make plain or manifest; to explain. (verb)
  • To lament, bewail. (verb)

Examples of word plain

  • I do for a plain one, therefore I like the _plain ones best_, and I hope that our "good brother Burch's" prophecy, that "the days of 'fancy locomotives' will return," will never be fulfilled until after I go out of the business.
  • They live what they call plain lives, of course, as you well know, not using electricity.
  • WOODRUFF: And just as important, he is hoping to win over you, the voters in the United States, with what he calls plain-spoken words about his priorities.
  • Throughout the episode, however, Robison expressed difficulty understanding why he should be penalized for preaching what he called the plain message of the Bible: "I did not attack an individual or any group, but rather a life-style condemned by the Bible."
  • Possibly, you don't give other people credit for unselfish motives; you are too suspicious; and what you call plain talk may seem impertinence to others -- don't you think?


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