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What is the meaning of plane in Hindi?

Meaning of plane in Hindi is : हवाई जहाज़

Definition of word plane

  • Of a surface: flat or level. (adjective)
  • A level or flat surface. (noun)
  • A flat surface extending infinitely in all directions (e.g. horizontal or vertical plane). (noun)
  • A level of existence or development. (eg, astral plane) (noun)
  • A roughly flat, thin, often moveable structure used to create lateral force by the flow of air or water over its surface, found on aircraft, submarines, etc. (noun)
  • Any of a number of designated ranges of sequential code points. (noun)
  • An imaginary plane which divides the body into two portions. (noun)
  • A tool for smoothing wood by removing thin layers from the surface. (noun)
  • To smooth (wood) with a plane. (verb)
  • An airplane; an aeroplane. (noun)
  • To move in a way that lifts the bow of a boat out of the water. (verb)
  • To glide or soar. (verb)
  • A deciduous tree of the genus Platanus. (noun)
  • A sycamore. (noun)

Examples of word plane

  • Plane-polarised light is light with the vibrations all in a single plane, perpendicular to the plane through the ray which is technically called the “plane of polarisation.
  • _plane_, no such simple movement as the foregoing suffices to produce or explain it, because symmetry about a plane implies
  • The branches move both behind and in front of the title plane, a device Stuart used many times.
  • She caught the word plane at the end of the newsreport.
  • I can at least get out of a car from time to time, but a plane is another degree of difficulty altogether.


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