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What is the meaning of plausible in Hindi?

Meaning of plausible in Hindi is : सत्याभासी

Definition of word plausible

  • Seemingly or apparently valid, likely, or acceptable; credible: a plausible excuse. (adjective)
  • Obtaining approbation; specifically pleasing; apparently right; specious. (adjective)
  • Using specious arguments or discourse. (adjective)
  • Worthy of being applauded; praiseworthy; commendable; ready. (adjective)

Examples of word plausible

  • Ever since Ronald Reagan's henchmen coined the phrase "plausible deniability," that's become our national motto.
  • To the skeptic's ear, when the word "plausible" needs to be included, this is a warning sign that what is described may not, in fact, be so plausible.
  • The Gang of Six relies on what it calls a "plausible baseline" of future tax rates, but that baseline does not assume a continuation of current tax policies.
  • I think that if we have a situation where the Taliban comes into power in Afghanistan, it's going to be very difficult to deter them from somehow hosting Al Qaida elements, because they can very easily establish what you call plausible deniability.
  • But the problem with coming flat out against it is that the Iraq war was what I call a plausible war.


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