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What is the meaning of player in Hindi?

Meaning of player in Hindi is : वादक

Definition of word player

  • One who plays any game or sport. (noun)
  • One who plays a part in something; a character (noun)
  • An actor in a dramatic play. (noun)
  • One who plays on a musical instrument. (noun)
  • One who is playful, given to games and other amusement; one without serious aims; an idler; a trifler. (noun)
  • A gamer; a gamester. (noun)
  • A gambler. (noun)
  • A person who plays the field rather than having a long-term sexual relationship. (noun)
  • An electronic device that plays audio and/or video media, such as CD player. (noun)
  • A software application that plays audio and/or video. (noun)
  • of something that "plays" itself, like certain automated devices (adjective)

Examples of word player

  • No word yet on which NFL player will try to pull this off, though noted soccer lover and self-professed soccer player� Chad Ochocinco seems like a prime candidate.
  • The pursuit by Sosa, a Latin player from the Dominican Republic, was entertaining but doomed, Bonds declared.
  • The main American player is Brian Linden, 47 years old, who came to China in 1984 and has been here most of the time since.
  • You are so right - the main player is the ripe tomato!
  • For all the anxiety over his hitting—the Examiner concluded that his “was the most prolonged slump for a name player in modern history”—Mays had for him a typical, which is to say brilliant, season.


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