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What is the meaning of pleasant in Hindi?

Meaning of pleasant in Hindi is : हँसमुख

Definition of word pleasant

  • Giving pleasure; pleasing in manner. (adjective)
  • A wit; a humorist; a buffoon. (noun)

Examples of word pleasant

  • She ran lightly up-stairs, and springing into her nurse's arms, exclaimed, "O mammy, mammy! what a pleasant, _pleasant_ day I have had!
  • To make thy riches pleasant] [W: nor bounty] I am inclined to believe, that neither man nor woman will have much difficulty to tell how _beauty makes riches pleasant_.
  • His eyes were a very, very light gray, his expression pleasant; despite his elegant, expensive-looking clothes, it was easy to imagine him on the deck of a ship, peering keenly into the distance.
  • The sheriff said something to the deputy, his expression pleasant, unhurried.
  • Around Pleasant Springs, Wisconsin not exactly what you call a pleasant sight.


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