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What is the meaning of pleasantly in Hindi?

Meaning of pleasantly in Hindi is : सुखद रूप से

Definition of word pleasantly

  • In a pleasant manner; so as to achieve a pleasant result. (adverb)

Examples of word pleasantly

  • One of the smaller plates from the set, a four-foot-long cutaway drawing in pleasantly soft sepia tones, hangs over my couch, and has followed me from Notre Dame to New York and finally to Milwaukee, a reminder that I must measure myself — success and failure alike — not against my peers, but against the great cathedral-builders of old, who had to think big as a matter of course.
  • Is John McCain pleasantly surprised that gasoline in America where someone need to remind him he is running for President is $4.00 plus a gallon.
  • I suppose it shouldn't be so astonishing given the broad theme that tends to unite anthology stories; nonetheless I remain pleasantly surprised.
  • I†™ ve found it. ” The Systems voice chimed pleasantly from the walls of the house.
  • So he nodded, and kept his expression pleasantly interested.
  • Miss Roper, with all her skill, could not extract a word pleasantly soft from him one a week.
  • Kolinahr seemed like overkill; yet Kirk kept his expression pleasantly neutral.
  • "We may praise God as much for small mercies," said Martin pleasantly, "as for great ones; and trees must not be blighted that were appointed to fruit."