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What is the meaning of pleasantness in Hindi?

Meaning of pleasantness in Hindi is : सुखदता

Definition of word pleasantness

  • The state or quality of being pleasant. (noun)
  • Something pleasant. (noun)

Examples of word pleasantness

    • The world does the reverse, thinking that nothing does you good unless it hurts: pleasantness is suspect.
    • She was friendly, friendlier than when I'd first showed up in Personnel, but behind the pleasantness was a definite reserve.
    • At the annual Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, Dr. Wysocki and fellow researchers asked 41 pairs of identical twins and 12 pairs of fraternal twins to rate the "pleasantness" of cilantro.
    • How much 'pleasantness' and attentiveness should be required, beyond good 'personal skills'?
    • They come up to gallery requirements by their "pleasantness" or the inoffensiveness of their style.


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