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What is the meaning of pleasantry in Hindi?

Meaning of pleasantry in Hindi is : हँसी मज़ाक

Definition of word pleasantry

  • A casual, courteous remark (noun)
  • A playful remark; a jest (noun)

Examples of word pleasantry

    • His matter quite apart -- and it is always interesting -- and abstractedly from his pervasive pleasantry, which is always original, it is a wonder that he is not more esteemed than he is in an age which professes to set store by style.
    • I saw enough to conclude, that Ancennis was not without the characteristic French elegance; and I must once for all say, that the manners of Marmontel are founded in nature, and that the daughters of the yeomanry and humbler farmers in France have an elegance, a vivacity, and a pleasantry, which is no where to be found out of France.
    • The groundwork of the pleasantry is the identity in form of the proper name with the common noun 'will.'
    • The form of bicycle he rode long ago became antiquated, but in the humor of his pleasantry is a quality which does not grow old.
    • In fact, the good squire was a little too apt to indulge that kind of pleasantry which is generally called rhodomontade: but which may, with as much propriety, be expressed by a much shorter word; and perhaps we too often supply the use of this little monosyllable by others; since very much of what frequently passes in the world for wit and humour, should, in the strictest purity of language, receive that short appellation, which, in conformity to the well-bred laws of custom, I here suppress.


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