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What is the meaning of please in Hindi?

Meaning of please in Hindi is : रिझाना

Definition of word please

  • Used to make a polite request. (adverb)
    विनम्र अनुरोध करने के लिए उपयोग किया जाता है।

Examples of word please

  • The opening chapter of the book here under discussion elicited a raspberry note to budding Scenarists: opening the text with camera directions gives the game away; and please please *please* no more references to that a-photograph-steals-the-soul riff, which I first happened upon in the Ur-text called...
  • Great idea, but please *please* promise you won't do that again!
  • So please, you whisper to yourself, trying to telepathically bully everyone else in the room--*please* don't ask any questions.
  • I'm in Boston and I'm not going to phone you because I'm scared you'd hang up, so I'm just arriving at Wooly on Thursday, and for God's sake please, _please_ see me and hear me, my dear, darling friend.
  • Did Louise Littleton suspect, as I did, what she was to "please, _please_ ... hear" and its ramifications?
  • "Please, please, _please_!" they pleaded in chorus.
  • Harry, thus free to marry, had persuaded Rose to wait no longer; the event was to be on a Monday not quite two weeks ahead, and Norma was please, _please_, PLEASE to come down as soon as she could.
  • "Oh please -- _please_!" was the girl's panic-stricken whisper.
  • "Julie," he whispered, "my darling, say you'll marry me -- please, _please_!"
  • "Oh, please, don't when I ask you; _please_," says she.