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What is the meaning of pleases in Hindi?

Meaning of pleases in Hindi is :

Definition of word pleases

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of please. (verb)

Examples of word pleases

  • I think that the concept of having the money attached to the student and the student can go where he/her pleases is the most important aspect and what I think will work best.
  • Whereby it is evident that the essences of the sorts, or, if the Latin word pleases better, species of things, are nothing else but these abstract ideas.
  • A community electing its own governor and enacting whatever laws it pleases is not a colony in the modern English meaning of the word.
  • The Queen of the May asks any favor she pleases from the throne, but as soon as she leaves the throne her power ceases; so now the group of laughing girls stood waiting to hear what the Queen would ask:
  • If the call pleases the spirit it will pass between the bamboo sticks and go to the sick person in the _lawig_, but if it is not convinced that it should remain it departs, and the patient dies.
  • He needed not make bare his everlasting arm; that roaring lion, when he pleases, is crushed, like a moth, with a touch of a finger.
  • The Strickland campaign is clearly aware the name pleases voters.
  • Democracy is thus led quite naturally, irresistibly one may say, to exclude the competent precisely because they are competent, or if the phrase pleases better and as the popular advocate would put it, not because they are competent but because they are unequal, or, as he would probably go on to say, if he wished to excuse such action, not because they are unequal, but because being unequal they are suspected of being opponents of equality.
  • Team USA Hockey Journal: First practice of the Olympics exciting, chaotic Second straight title pleases Northampton at Western Massachusetts Indoor Track Championships Team USA Hockey Journal: Kacey Bellamy of Westfield arrives in Vancouver