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What is the meaning of pleasing in Hindi?

Meaning of pleasing in Hindi is : सुखदायी

Definition of word pleasing

  • Agreeable; giving pleasure, cheer, enjoyment or gratification. (adjective)
  • Sense of satisfaction, as in the phrase "to my pleasing." (noun)
  • Present participle of please. (verb)

Examples of word pleasing

  • Your success in the field of your especial ambition will be assured if you win your first chance there by making an _initial_ pleasing impression and then _keep right on pleasing_.
  • The president held a meeting behind closed doors with the ANC provincial executive in East London, which he described as pleasing and interesting.
  • He only is the master who keeps the mind in pleasing captivity; whose pages are perused with eagerness, and in hope of new pleasure are perused again; and whose conclusion is perceived with an eye of sorrow, such as the traveller casts upon departing day.
  • Equally pleasing is the news that Mori is currently at work on another series, Otoyomegatari, which takes place along the Silk Road trade routes.
  • I have a sneaky suspicion that Lifetime pulled strings to make winners out of the designers that specialize in pleasing, ready-to-wear stuff that their female audience could picture themselves wearing.
  • He was more interested in pleasing all of the people and all of the corporate donors all the time, than in getting the job done.