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What is the meaning of pleasure in Hindi?

Meaning of pleasure in Hindi is : हर्ष

Definition of word pleasure

  • a state of being pleased (noun)
  • a person, thing or action that causes enjoyment (noun)
  • one's preference (noun)
  • (uncountable) the will or desire of someone or some agency in power (noun)
  • pleasure to meet you, pleased to meet you (interjection)
  • to give pleasure (especially sexual pleasure) to (verb)
  • To take pleasure; to seek or pursue pleasure. (verb)

Examples of word pleasure

  • Various objections might be made to motivational hedonism: that we are often motivated by things that do not in fact maximize our pleasure, such as motivation to step under a shower that one takes to be suitably warm but which is in fact scalding hot; that not every pleasure that our options for action make available to us motivates us; or that the very idea of maximum ˜pleasure over pain™ or
  • If it is a claim about the common-sense pleasure concept, for example, then it is problematical to stipulate, as was done above, that ˜pleasure™ includes all positive experience.
  • "Women" -- he said to me last night -- "are the only pleasure in life -- men and hunting bring content and happiness, work brings satisfaction, but women and their ways are the only _pleasure_."
  • Sexual excitement is accompanied throughout by a sensation of pleasure, specifically known as _voluptuous pleasure_, the _voluptuous sensation_, or simply _voluptuousness_ (in Latin, _libido sexualis_).
  • You know as well as I do that to go to Brookroyd is always a pleasure to me, and that to one who has so little change, and so few friends as I have, it must be a _great pleasure_, but I am not at all times in the mood or circumstances to take my pleasure.


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