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What is the meaning of pler in Hindi?

Meaning of pler in Hindi is :

Definition of word pler

Examples of word pler

  • War­dell was asked to be frugal, "the sim­pler the better, so long as proper architect­ural effect is pres­erved".
  • It was also quiet, started easily on cold mornings, and was sim-pler to maintain.
  • "In our pride, Lords, we have come to learn the sim - pler truths which are only truths'the truths which you can teach us."
  • Heracles there appears a philanthropical as well as an ascetic theme, a hedonistic attraction towards a sim - pler, more natural way of life as a reaction against artificiality and excessive civilization.
  • Textron Financial has enjoyed a stellar We know that processes need to be sim - record of growth and profitability over pler in an increasingly complex world. the past 21 years.


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